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Creative Eggs

Went looking for a few Easter table decorations and found some I had forgotten I had. You can see more of my pictures on the page set aside for "Garden Eggs", under Creative Sprouts.

Each time I opened a box marked easter I was surprised to see items I had no idea I still kept. From my sugar eggs, hand painted eggs to all kinds of Easter stuff. I'm only setting out a few things this year. Can't seem to find my ceramic egg collection yet. I put it in a wicker picinic basket for safe keeping and for the life of me I can't find the basket, oh well what I have found will be fine.

Just a few simple ideas, like my artistic bunny surrounded by pastel eggs will be colorful for the table this year.

Everything sure brought back past memories. I think I need to give them all to my children and start all over with some new Easter things.

Happy upcoming Easter...

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