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Weekend Get Away

Every now and then you just need to get away, even if it is just in someone else’s yard. A different view for just a few short hours does your mind a lot of good. Building a fire in a fire pit and listening to my son’s conversation was a real treat. My children all grown up and experiencing life on their terms is interesting to watch.

As I sat and sipped on my hot peppermint tea while listening to my youngest showing me a new app on his phone, I wondered where all the years had gone. My baby all grown up and a home owner now is something to behold. Seemed like just yesterday he was playing in the back yard with his toy cars.

I had a very restful weekend and I thank my son for all his hospitality. It was a treat to look up into the night’s sky and see all the bright stars and half-moon. The neighborhood was quiet and in the distance I could hear the whistle of a train going past. My healing continues to go on and I will try to venture out again and see different sites, but for this weekend it was quality time with my boys.

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