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Weekend Surprise

Easter babies born…Well when you walk away and don’t bother little birdies, then they surprise you. Around Easter weekend my Yellow Canary bird, named Tweetybird started laying her eggs again. The Society Finches, (Molly) was in the larger hut nest and she too began to lay tiny little white eggs. Then I noticed my Lady Gouldian, named Skittles was in the other smaller hut nest and she too had laid one egg.

Because last time the canaries eggs did nothing after the 14 days, I figured they were not fertile and therefore she could lay several more and nothing would happen.

Well, yesterday as Tweetybird was off her nest and eating bird seed below I peeked back in her nest as I had been doing each week and I only saw the four light blue colored eggs, but this time I saw baby birds. There were four tiny little fur ball babies with large black eyes, not open of course. One turned and raised their head and opened their mouth as to say, I’m hungry. I was so excited I ran for my cell phone and took this picture. It’s not a good one, but then I don’t want to upset Mamma or babies in any way.

Today I have checked the Society Finch nest, but all I still see are white eggs. I can’t get a good look inside the Gouldian nest; Skittles won’t let me see anything.As I sit in my living room chair sipping on my morning coffee I watch my feathered friends. It’s a riot each morning to see them at their daily routine. I give them a tray completely filled with fresh food munchies and they love it. They all know when I have come into the room and opened the aviary door and set the food tray in there for them. From ground bread crumbs, cooked pasta, carrot and celery, apple slices, egg shells to eggs cut up in tiny pieces. Each bird takes their turn in finding their favorite foods.

Fresh water is a must and they all love bath time.This morning I watched Sir Lord of Basalt eat and then fly up to Tweetybird and actually give her all the food he had eaten, into Tweetybird's mouth. Then in a few minutes after the male bird had returned to the food tray, Tweetybird rose up to an almost standing position and began feeding her babies.

My Mother’s day gift is having my mamma birds give birth to their babies. It is a real treat this weekend. I hope they all have a few young ones and they live and the other birds don’t pick on them. I will be watching very closely to make sure everyone gets along. I thank each birdie today for giving me my gift of enjoyment and happiness.

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