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Fast and Fun

Today I decided to get out my December Christmas gift and see how it worked. This is an automatic Jam & Jelly maker. You can get them on I went to my freezer for my last year’s frozen zip locked bags of Raspberries. I have several raspberry bushes in my back yard. As I began to boil (sterilize) all my jars and lids this gave time for the bag of Raspberries to thaw and be ready to be used in this Jam maker.

I have always made my Jams the old fashioned way, on the stove top boiling it. Well, for anyone reading this today, just know that this jam maker is really easy to use and you won’t have to stand over a hot boiling pot anymore.

It was fast and easy to clean up too. My large bag of Raspberries made 10 jars of Jam. I can’t wait until they cool and I can spread them on some homemade bread. Last year’s harvest of berries was the best so far.

I thank the person who gave me this fun gift and just know I did use it and will again. Can’t wait to get some fresh fruit (peaches and strawberries) and try them in this Jam maker. I have about 8 large zip lock bags of frozen Rhubarb that I usually make a good Strawberry Rhubarb pie and whatever is left over I’ll make into Jam, so I will try the Rhubarb in the maker this summer.

You never know what comes down the pike that is okay to use, so for me today it is the jam maker that I really do think is a hit in my kitchen. Why didn't they think of this machine 30 years ago? :)

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