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More feathered friends

There are 4 baby Canary chicks now, 3 Society Finch babies and the Gouldian's have eggs, but won't allow me to see in the nest yet. It's been a wonderful month for new growth. The eggs were little for each Mama bird, but the babies are really tiny.

Sir Lord of Basalt is such a good Dad to the babies. He watches ever so close to make sure nothing happens to the babies while Mama Canary feeds herself. The male canary also feeds the babies and cares for them. I'm happy with both my canaries.

The Society Finches stay close together in the nest and as you can see Mama (Molly) finch looks out the hut nest as I take the picture of the canary babies. Molly's babies are so tiny they are about as big as a small bean. Right now I see three moving babes, there may be another, but I can see in the nest close enough to know. I think she had four eggs.

Every morning they all get their food tray full of protein and foods they really like. As I sit and type away on my laptop to post this I see all of them taking their bath and the singing canary is singing a different song today. I won’t take a picture every day, but stay posted as the babies are growing fast. By the end of the month they all should be strong enough for me to really take a good picture of them all.

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