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Flowers blooming

Well, finally spring has given way to the first real signs of blooming flowers. This is a beautiful peach colored rose that I planted and couldn't wait to see if it had made it through the winter. Guess it did as I see it is doing just fine.

I've been rather busy the last few days. My son brought me some large red lava rocks for my rose garden area. Then he rototilled the vegetable garden area and brought me more decorative boarder bricks.

His girlfriend couldn't believe how nice the yard looked and I replied, "It's been a three year work in progress". As I sit in the swing out front I can see I have worked rather hard at getting the yard and flower beds all in order. Even planting trees and placing yard decor around the yard has been well worth the effort. I listen to the water splashing in my water flountains and I am truly thankful.

Inside my birdies are getting larger and the bird singing is getting louder. I'll post more pictures of the baby canaries and finches soon. I've just been so busy with the yard to take daily pictures of the birds. They are doing fine and I have no idea what I am going to do with all 16 birds. Spring sure did bloom and burst out with all kinds of surprises.

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