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Funky Bird Houses

Funky and fun...

I took old pieces of fence boards and made these funky and fun bird houses. I am going to put them on a tall fence post and have them in my vegetable garden area. The older looking the better. This project was not about being perfect. It was about making them look old and thrown together. The birdies outside won't mind and they are a conversation piece for the neighbors.

Already I have one neighbor asking me to make one for them. I plan on making about five more. Looking in old drawers and in garage hide away places I found all kinds of funky old handles, hinges and things I thought that would be creative on the houses. They will stay the old look and not be painted other than a few baords that were already stained.

Try this some weekend when you have time on your hands, you won't be disapointed it was a lot of fun. Anyone can just go buy a bird house, but how many of us actually have ones in the yard we made with our own hands?

Can't wait to see a mountain finch check one of the houses out and actually go inside and make one their home.

I'll post another picture when I get them all on the fence pole and set into place.

Happy creative thinking...

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