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Home made Jam

Over the weekend while visiting my son I was in his back yard loking at all the nice flowers and plants he had. Over in the corner of the yard was a very large tree that my son thought had crap apples hanging off the branches. As I walked closer to the tree I began to smile. No, I said these are not crap apples son, these are cherries and they are ready to be picked.

Jumping for joy, my son ran to get a ladder and he climbed up into the tree and we began picking the cherries off the many many branches. Filling four large grocery sacks full and our tummies as well with nice large cherries.

When I got home I began to make some cherry jam. I made 9 jars of jam, but I quickly snapped this picture to send to my son to show him I really did need that many cherries that he picked, so I could make my jam. So yummy!

My boy was pleased he purchased a house that had a fruit tree and one that really did produce fruit for him. Oh the joys of early summer.

Thank you son for all your help.

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