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Time to gather the harvest

garden carrots.jpg

It’s definitely fall in the Rocky Mountains, therefore it is time to gather all the hard work that I have done for the last three months. My vegetable garden has only three plants left that I hope in a couple more days I can finish out the year with corn and a few more beans.

The carrots, lettuce, spinach, onions, beets and beans have already been pulled and either eaten or stored for winter. The cantaloupe I may not see any melons this years as our weather hasn’t been warm enough to last for a full growth period.

I sure have joyed my fresh garden lettuce variety of greens that I hand planted myself. Next year the vegetable garden will be bigger and I will make a greenhouse for all the veggies so I get a longer growth time. My herb and tomato greenhouse has been wonderful. The Cherokee purple tomatoes melt in your mouth and my herbs I have already had two different cuttings that I hang them to dry for fresh dried herbs all year long.

Summer may be over and fall has begun, but I am ready for winter with what I have already stored away.

Happy gardening to all…

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