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Getting close to the big day..our best

Well, Tom the turkey has been purchased. I will also be serving a spiral Ham. Isn't it fun to get out all your best dishes and great recipes for this one special day of the year? My sister wanted me to set my table with fall patterned china, of which I really don't have anymore. As a house warming gift to my son, I gave away a beautiful earth tone colored pottery china set. This year my table will be festive with all the Thanksgiving decorative ideas I can muster up, but for today I am making my long list of all the food I have yet to go get.

Just wanted to get Tom the turkey before all the good ones were all gone.

I'll post my silly pinecone turkey place card holders in a couple of days.

Happy seasonal creative decorating and exhausting foot walking down the grocery store isles just to feed several mouths that will take about 10 minutes of gulping down the food and then it’s all over with. Gobble Gobble.

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