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Azaleas blooming

After watering the yard, garden and all flower beds I noticed that my Azaleas are starting to bloom. I have waited a year for these beauties to take hold and begin to plant their roots far into my flower bed dirt. Years ago I wrote a poem about Azaleas.

Distance of an ocean blue,

connected are two,

where azaleas grew.

Timeless to patiently wait,

messages to the heart,

as though it were fate.

Passion one can’t hide,

gently smiled upon thee,

a lover of the softer side.

Threw a wish into the sky,

always and forever one day,

magically together you and I.

Where azaleas grow.

I have written four poetry books and my favorite one is the Dream Garden, but this poem is in Patience of Love book. I will take a photo of the Azaleas when they are in full bloom.

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