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Adding a few plants from the country

Over the weekend while visiting my son, I took a walk on his 80 acres of land and found beautiful Prickly Pear Cactus in colors of yellow, soft pink and deep rose, almost a burgandy color. So, off to find a shovel I went and then I dug about four nice big cactus plants for my mailbox area.

After digging and digging I sat down to take a rest when I saw that he had some Virginia Creepers growing all along a trellis. I clipped several branches to bring home as I want to plant these all along my west side of the fence, as a nice privacy boarder. This should help to seal off the chicken coop next door that the feathered friends are continually trying to dig under my fence to get to all my flowers and plants. Only all they get is my Dachshunds teeth into their bodies. Sad but true. The open range policy that my neighbor has about his livestock has become rather tiresome. I'll try anything to help solve the flying feather deadly fate.

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