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Fresh Veggies

Believe it or not my day begins with tending to my garden. After I have pulled every weed I see, I then begin to collect the daily fresh garden food from all my hard work. Every day I have a nice bag or dish filled with beans, beats, carrots, onions and peas. Last night I enjoyed these beans. Steamed and dripping with butter, they were a real treat.

Notice my large carrot? Also, I found these small clippers at a yard sale last weekend. They are absolutely perfect for clipping the ends off all the fresh vegetables. What a find!!!

Here I go again...Canning my Raspberries. Because my Raspberry bushes are about 7 feet high this year and the berries are in full bloom, I have to pick a good size bowl full everyday. Usually I freez them and go back later to can them making my wonderful Jam, but today I preserved 10 of the 8 oz. jam jars. This was the first batch. Yummy

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