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Got the last one...

Two days ago while out shopping for another strand of Christmas bubble lights for my tree, I spotted something I thought I couldn’t live without. I collect light up Christmas houses in all shapes and sizes. I’ve been collecting them for over 10 years now. There was one I noticed that really made me smile. Why, because I have always wanted a 1964 Shasta camper and this light up silly little camper that I saw reminded me of something one day I wish to get. Not purchasing it a few days ago when I saw it was my mistake. Kind of like going to a yard sale and picking something up and then setting it down and walking away all to realize you want it after all and then returning wo where the item sat to see it was now gone. Someone else had picked it up and bought it. I’ve done that a thousand times. However, this camper kept my mind thinking of how nice it would be to be added to my collection. Call the store where I saw it I asked it the camper was still there. No, the nice Christmas section employee said, “we only have one and it is for the display only.” I have purchased display items before so I asked if I could buy the display one and the young man said I’d have to talk to the store manager who wouldn’t be in until the next day.

Low and behold the next day was today and so I took it upon myself to call and talk to the manager. Another nice young man that said, “yes he would sell me the display one”. I drive 60 miles to go get my treasured little light up camper and there it was waiting just for me as I approached the service counter where the manager had it reserved just for me. In researching my prized trinket, I saw that no one and I mean no one had this camper but EBay and they wanted a lot for it. I got the last one even if it was for display only. Thank you Santa!!!

I was able to get one other box of my favorite bubble lights too. :)

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