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Easter Creativity

Over the years I have created many fun and memorable Easter decorations. This year I'm keeping it simple. I have a cute little bunny that sits on my desk in my art room. It has a bag drapped over one shoulder with art supplies in the bag and the bunny is holding a paint brush in one hand and an easter egg in the other. There is something about this little bunny that makes me smile. Today I went and found just a few things to set out in the spirit of the occasion for this weekend. My dinner will be easy and quick this year. No more tons of food like at Thanksgiving, just a few food favorites and then the day will end and I won't be worn out. Well, let's hope it goes that way. :)

You can see all my hand painted easter eggs on the Potters Shed link and then scroll down to, Garden eggs.

Happy Easter to everyone and eat a lot of eggs. LOL

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