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My fur baby is 13 yrs old today

Where do all the years go? My little miniature Dachshund, named Peanut turns 13 years old today. She has traveled with me from one ocean to the next and has made it through all the ups and downs in the last sixteen years of my life’s journey. She has an adopted brother and sister now that keep her busy. They all love each other and play and run in the yard all day. She may show of her many years now, with white hair and being thin, but she is healthy and keeps up with the best of her breed.

When I first got her she was only 6 weeks old and could fit inside the palm of my hand. She ran out of a bedroom with her other brothers and sisters and came running right to me. When she looked at me with her deep dark brown eyes, that is all it took and she was the one I wanted. Peanut loves cracking open peanuts to get to the nut inside and she leaves the shell behind as she crunches away and enjoys her treat. Every morning she wants her ¼ cup of fresh brewed coffee to drink. If she doesn’t get it, she does the old stare down until she does get it. Playing in her yard and resting in the wicker rocker each day in the morning during spring and summer to warm her body by the sun, she definitely has her own routine. My little Missy P, as I sometimes call her is my best friend. I have enjoyed her over the years beyond anything I could imagine a pet given back to me.

Peanut is hiding under the blanket and has her nose on Beanies back

When I adopted the male black and tan Dachshund, named Beanie, he was to be Peanut’s companion during the day while I was working. Now, Beanie and Peanut are best friends and play around the house as if they were true brother and sister.

Vienna, another red haired Dachshund came to me last year. I never thought I would have 3 dogs, but they really are a part of my family now.

Left: Vienna - Middle: peanut - Right: Beanie

So, here’s to a wonderful little doggy that now is older, but still very much has my heart.

Left: Peanut, Middle: Vienna, Right: Beanie

Happy Birthday Peanut.

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