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10 days until the First day of Autumn

My Labor Day weekend was filled with family and friends camping in the great Rocky Mountains. I had 7 days of complete bliss to myself before anyone even arrived, as I was holding down camp until they all drove their campers up to meet mine. I fished and caught a beautiful German Brown Trout. Then I painted in my mini watercolor traveling art book. I took walks with my three dogs and totally absorbed nature. Road a four wheeler and fell into the creek twice, but each experience I got back up and laughed at myself. The first few days I viewed only green around me, but then after one week all changed to the pretty start of the fall colors.

Just a few tops on the trees and bushes with yellow and orange colors. My retreat had ups and downs, but was worth the effort of going a few miles down the road to escape the stresses of life.

Came home to harvesting more food from my garden. The zucchini and squash were largely growing to a size I knew must be cut. From tomatoes, to summer squash it all had to be blanched and frozen for another time down the road when I will pull the zip locked bags from the freezer and cook them. The greenhouse was overflowing with all my hardy Herbs, so I began to cut away and tie them up to be dried. I use all my Herbs for mouthwatering spices to be added in the winter to recipes I like.

Hope you too had a wonderful Labor Day and enjoyed yourself.

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