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Harvesting Fall

Today I gathered all my Herbs from my greenhouse to be hung to dry until I am ready to fill all my spice containers again. I have cleaned out the greenhouse as I have already had the first and second freeze that killed the leaves to the tomato plants. My vegetable garden has brought several Zucchini and summer squash for me to blanch and freeze. I have enjoyed growing fresh vegetables and Herbs, but Fall has taken its first step at making sure the harvest must be gathered.

Usually I go and collect cattails and Indian tobacco to make nice center pieces for my table during Thanksgiving. The deep orange and yellow leaves I see around make for an added arrangement of color.

It's a busy time of the season picking up all the fallen leaves from the trees in the yard and making sure all the water fountains and yard decor is stored away for the winter.

I have plenty of Herbs that have already dried and I plan on given them away in cute jars for Christmas gifts. I made these for my kitchen window with left over Herbs from my green house. Then I added cute tags showing what Herb was in each jar. Happy Fall

Keep in mind I use these Herbs all year around, fresh or dried I can pull a sprig from these jars and have fresh spices in any recipe I am preparing. I will be making the above photo for my centerpiece on the table using fresh fall flowers.

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