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Fall is in the air...

Awe, summer went by too fast. I was so busy making my raspberry jams and blackberry pies, that I forgot fall was just around the corner. I have made several things with the Palisade Peaches that always come with such great flavor. Peach pies, oh course. Then I made a peach bread, that everyone said was so moist and good. I followed by using up all the peaches along with my greenhouse tomatoes, by making peach salsa. This has now become one of my favorite recipes. So yummy. I freeze several bags of peaches for later use. Always make a rhubarb pie, but this year instead of strawberries I added raspberries and boy was that a treat. Fall is my favorite time of the year, so this month as I'm tooling around on a 4 wheeler enjoying all of the early fall colors, I will be sure and look for wild choke cherries. I hope you too are enjoying the late summer days going into fall.

Peach Salsa

Peach Salsa

Freezing the peaches

Peach bread

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