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Weekend Getaway

My Memorial Day weekend was spent with family and friends. 4 wheeling, camping and making dream catchers. The views were spectacular and monumental. My little 19-foot Vintage camper is quite the hit. The camper has been an undertaking that has paid off in the long run. You can check out Vintage Gals on FB for more inside/ outside photos. My artiest was fabulous in that he listened to me explain what I had in mind for my little home on wheels and then he went to work and created just what I had envisioned. I hand painted the shutters and everything on the back of the camper. It’s funny to take it down the road and see heads turn as I know they are admiring my artistic works. June is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors and I sure made my way around each turn to the road taking in the beauty and then clicking a few wonderful pictures for me to remember. I can’t say how many different butterflies I saw, but there were tons of them everywhere. The pine trees were full of dark green leaves and the aspens glittered with three shades of green colors. Dandelions filled the ground for as far as you could see, which brought out the stinging bees and I got my fair share of bites from them.

While taking a few hours to rest all the females in the camp group decided to make dream catchers. It was a lot of fun and I recommend it to anyone who has never tried it, it’s not very hard and when you are finished you have a lasting memory to hang anywhere. I made the entire camp go on a scavenger hunt one afternoon. It was fun to see each one collect items on the list and bring it back to camp and show off their treasures. It’s amazing what you can find when you put your mind to it and have a list to go by.

In my travels from one mountain top to the next I found that even at my age I still can look out over a valley and smell the fragrant wild flowers and know that I have peace in my heart. Flying high over my head I saw three beautiful bald eagles over three separate times while camping. Even a bear came through camp, but all was well. Sharing a few pictures of nature and a creative hand made dream catcher.I had a wonderful time and I roasted a lot of marshmellows. Enjoy!

Kids enjoy playing near my Vintage camper.

4 wheeling in the mountains.

Riding among the trees.

Mountain views.

Dandilions everywhere.

My dream catcher.

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