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New art medium

Meet my funny little red bird, named Georgie. I got a nice misc. box of art supplies during Christmas. In the box were Premo! Sculpey clay. I thought back to when I was in 9th grade and in an art class that the art teacher decided to teach a clay class. I sculptured a wonderful art piece that week. Got an A+ in the class and was so excited. Haven't touched a piece of clay since then, until now. Premo! clay is very easy to work with and so I began to dabble at making a few fun pieces just to see if I still had the touch.

And so it begins...

Before and after shots of the pair of funny birds on a wire.

Beginning works for the blue winged bird, nest and funny red bird.

Black crow pin

After baking and allowing to completely dry, I then painted each piece using Master's touch Acrylic paints. It passed one full afternoon and was a lot of fun to create. I set my art pieces around the house in places that when I look at them, I will smile. This art medium was fun and now I know I can go on to creating other works. I ordered a few more clay supplies to begin my next art masterpiece.

Wiener brush holder and cell phone holder.


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