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Planting new growth

Honeylocust tree. This is the big tree I have in my front yard that came with my new home.

It's a wonderful tree, so I purchased another one for the side of my house. In the fall the tree will have beautiful yellow leaves. It has been the first step to planting in the desert heat.

Fifteen rose bushes have been planted:

White Landscaping Rose bushes

Floribunda Roses

Sunbelt Desmond Tutu Roses bushes

Pink Double Knock Out Roses

Golden Sunblaze Roses

Kidney shaped pond was added and still needs to be set into the ground. Complete with water lilies and a water turtle for my Granddaughter.

Ella, the turtle. Grandma feeds it everyday.

Summer has been hot, but I am enjoying all the different ways to plant new things and then watch them grow.

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