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Weekend treasures

This water bird bath I have had for a few years now. I purchased it at a local antique store. The base was separate and the bowl was off in a different section of the store. I brought them home and glass glued the pieces together for a nice water bird bath. Now living in 100 degree heat the bowl got a crack in it, so I decided to stop filling the bowl with water. I found the glass tulip shaped bowl and added white rock, which blinds in with all the white I have around my new house. It now has taken on a new look, but the birds still come to drink out of the tulip bowl.

This was in a thrift store all stacked together and when I took each one out and turned them I saw that they rest within each other. This has now become my stack-able herb garden and doing very well.

Taking in yard sales I went to an estate sale. It was among the Pear orchards and the house was an old Spanish design. Back under a bush beside a old shed was this cast iron flower box. Very heavy, but I had help lifting it into my truck. Brought it home, spray painted it and added fresh white and red petunias. I think it likes it's new home.

This was the true find of all the traveling around. Same Estate sale, I noticed this arbor off into the distance of the pear orchard. I asked about it and the gal said, it you want to dig it out, then yes it is for sale. It was a very old arbor with a bench seat, which also I gave a new coat of paint to. After cutting tree branches and entwined vines, finally the arbor broke loose and was set free from the pear orchard. The sides and the back have tulip flowers coming from a flower pot design. I'm embracing my new home with work of love and devotion so that when my old body fails me (any day now) I can sit on my garden bench and admire all my hard work.

Happy hunting to all and happy gardening...

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