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New home, new windmill

With a new home comes a new windmill. This one I placed in my garden area. Along with my Pear, Plum, two Peach and two Apple trees.

My wonderful neighbor gave me some Hens and chicks. The Roaster tails came out within a week. I planted them near the Hollyhocks and they seem to like their new area.

Look close and you will see the huge bumble bee in my soft pink Hollyhock.

I only had a very small amount of Rhubarb from my last house location, but it seems to be doing okay near the Hollyhocks. Next year I will replant it in the garden area. So many things had to be planted fast just to get them into the ground after the move.

I'm enjoying all the new areas to my new place. the soil is different and it cracks me up how I don't have to dig hard in the ground to plant anything. I can't wait to see all my hard work flourish next spring.

I ordered a new shed, as I had to leave mine with the sale of the old house. Some are calling this one my "She Shed", but trust me it is not. I have my little 13 foot Vintage camper for that. I find the funniest things at yard sales. My white picket fence was one of them. The bench was hand painted and I think I will enjoy sitting my old bones down every now and again to admire my garden areas. I placed the stones to the front door area, rather than building a step. Although that may come later, I'll just have to see.

Stay turned for next weeks arrival.

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