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Spring Chicken friends

For years I lived where my neighbor had a ton of chickens right next to my house. The smell and mess left me NOT wanting to ever have chickens. Plus my little wiener dog killed any of the flying feathers friends once they landed in my yard. Not a pleasant sight, trust me.

Now that I am completely in a new location and have wonderful neighbors (who have no animals) I thought it would be fun to create a chicken coop area with chickens. Only my chicks are made of metal. Yard art to the max. I have several that were given to me for Christmas. I got the rooster recently and added it to the top of my coop.

I say good morning to my chickens everyday. There is no mess, no smell and I don't have to worry about a dead bird in my yard. These little feathered friends will make a nice attraction for anyone driving up to my house. Haha Let spring begin with a new and fun idea.

My little coop...

Just off from the future rose garden.

My granddaughter got so excited when she first saw this all together.

Henny, is a real stuffed chicken. I found her one afternoon at a yard sale. The woman said it was her Mother's favorite pet and so she stuffed it. The woman had no idea that I thought this was special and worth taking home. Henny rests inside the coop along with rock eggs. The chicken in the back ground is a solar chicken. Lights up at night and from a distance looks like a heat lamp for the chicken coop.

This was fun to put together and I recommend it to anyone that can't or don't want real birds in their yard.

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