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A walk in my garden

A walk in my garden sure makes for a nice day. Here are a few of my added flowers that have taken off and bloomed so wonderfully.

I always fill a nice container full of petunias. This year it's red and white to match my house colors.

A really nice neighbor gave me these three plastic swans from her yard as a house warming gift to me. I placed geraniums in each one and they like their new home.

The 12 rose bushes I planted out front love the full days sun.

I have planted three more rose bushes by my living room windows. They seem to be doing fine.

This is a rose tree bush. It's as tall as the dining room windows and full of new buds.

There are two Lillie's that have made their home by my mailbox.

Awe, yes my Colorado Columbine's. I have them nestled everywhere around the yard. In all different colors. I may not live in the high Rocky Mountains anymore, but I do still live in Colorado where the Columbines thrive.

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